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Pondmaster pumps have been manufactured with advanced technology to provide the best quality pump for aquariums, fountains, ponds, hydroponics and irrigation.

Pondmaster pumpsPondmaster pumps are suitable for use with under gravel filtration, canister filtration, wet/dry filtration, fountains, waterfalls, hydroponics and irrigation, either completely submersible or inline.

Pondmaster pumps are a magnetically driven centrifugal pump therefore the pump can not pump water up from a lower level when used inline.

The Pondmaster pump has a single moving part, the impeller with magnet, therefore enabling easy cleaning and maintenance. The ceramic shaft enables use in either fresh water or salt water.

A venturi is supplied to enable the Pondmaster pump to provide extra aeration and circulation of water and a variable water outlet control valve enables the flow rate to be adjusted. Suction cups are provided with all Pondmaster pumps to enable horizontal or vertical mounting.

The motor unit and electrical components are encapsulated in epsoxy ensuring safe and simple operation with the motor not requiring lubrication.

Pondmaster Fountain Heads

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